How to Determine If You Need Sports Physical Therapy

For many of us, sports play a major role in our lives. Whether it is at a collegiate level or pick-up games with our friends, a crippling injury that would prevent us from playing sports would be a heartbreaking occurrence.

With that being said, some people are still hesitant to look into sports physical therapy after incurring an injury. This is usually due to stubbornness, or because they just aren't sure if sports therapy is something they need in order to get over the injury.

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Generally speaking, if you are questioning whether or not you should seek athletic physical therapy, you have already waited long enough. Any abnormal discomfort or swelling is an immediate sign to at least schedule a consultation with a physical therapist in order to gauge the severity of the injury.

If the injury in question does, in fact, require sports therapy, then the sooner you start, the better it will be for the recovery process. Unfortunately, some of us are not the types to seek immediate help no matter what.

If you insist on waiting out an injury to see what happens, or just aren't convinced you need to check with a therapist yet, then these next signs are for you.

It seems obvious, but if you have pain that will not go away, then you have to seek sports physical therapy. Persistent pain is the number on the indicator that you require rehabilitation.

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