Some Uncommon Maintenance Tips For a Better Car

Consider tankers as warning signs

While the underground tanks are being filled up, the sediments and other impurities can get stirred up. Sediments are not good for your injectors and filters, so better wait for a while before returning to that fuel refilling station. You can visit to get more info about best car towing services in Vancouver.

Strata Towing Service

If you’re stuck, call the tow truck

Trapped in mud or snow? Avoid shifting abruptly from forward to reverse and vice versa or running at high speeds just to get the stock tires is bad for your vehicle.

Doing this can heat up the car and affect the clutches, transmissions, and differentials. Try rocking the vehicle a bit or pushing the car.

If you are left with no other option, just call a tow truck. Paying for towing services will be cheaper than having your major car parts repaired or replaced.

Ease your key's burdens

A Vancouver Dodge customer once told me to pay attention to how heavy my car key is. Check your key chain. Do you have an assortment of keys like you are some jail warden? If your car key is part of the jingling group of keys, then you might consider separating that key from the bunch. If you have a heavy car key, it may it will wear down the ignition that will eventually bring about an ignition switch failure. So keep your key light.

Protect your upholstery from your baby

Shield your car upholstery from all the mess your little toddler might make inside your car. These bits of food and liquid splashes may leave permanent stains on your upholstery. You can put a layer of plastic cover sheet and then a towel on top. Place these protective layers under your child's car seat and you are ready to go.